Hi, I’m Lucas.

I am a front end developer and aspiring designer with experience in Javascript and WordPress.

Selected Work

I love building stuff. I also enjoy showing off what I’ve made, so here’s some of the best stuff I’ve been part of creating.

Screenshot of the Vegovision website


Front end development

Together with KRIGio, I was part of the development team for the new website of Vegovision. Vegovision is a vegan fair by Djurens Rätt, the largest animal rights organization in Sweden. We opted for a headless JAMStack using CockpitCMS and Vue/Nuxt.js, to be aligned with the organizations tech stack and to have an open source backend.

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Screenshot of the Djurens Rätt website

Djurens Rätt

Front end development

In this project, I implemented some UX improvements made by the talented designers at KRIGio. I coded some redesigned components, and tweaked some existing functionality to be more user friendly. Some of my work included interactivity in the membership flow as well as building new radio buttons from design specifications. Built in Vue/Nuxt.js.

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Screenshot of the Kvinnojouren Ellinor website

Kvinnojouren Ellinor

WordPress development

With a design made by the excellent Lina Forsgren, my work here was to implement the custom design which was delivered as an Adobe XD file. Here my tasks included building templates from scratch using Sage. I also implemented custom Gutenberg blocks for an asymmetric layout, as can be seen here, as well as a custom video player for a streamlined video embed. I took care of most of the development and all of the sysops in this project. In collaboration with KRIGio

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So who am I?

The first thing you should know about me is that I really, really want to make the world a better place. Seriously. There is really nothing that I am as passionate about as that. From there sprung my wish to become a designer and front end developer, as I believe in that the power of design and tech can facilitate positive change.

Having played around with web development since I was a child, the first natural step was to develop my capabilities in front end development so that I could start my career. This journey began a few years ago, and I've been freelancing since about two years.

Lately I have been moving in more of a design direction, but still open to fun front end projects!

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